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in washington, new year's eve partyers are dealing with a wet night. >>> bob is in the storm center with the latest on what to expect. >> that has been posted as a precaution. our temperature here in washington, 36 degrees. they are not party poopers at the weather service. there are some spots still, as you can see with a little bit of leftover sprinkles that moved through the area. look the at local temperatures. everything is above freezing. visibility is about 1.5 miles, 2 miles. as we go through the night hours, everything is freezing. there could be localized iciness. out of the weekend, you wait. i'm going to tell you about that. >> tonight, the cia is at the center of headlines world wooitd. as investigators work to determine how a suicide bomber could be misunderstood he is invited on base, we'll see about the lives taken. >> reporter: we know the attack was care youred out by a uniformed officer. the suspect walked into the gym and decimated a suicide 0 vest. he killed seven krafrm employees. president obama honored the dead saying these brave americans were among a long l
. there are the areas under the gun south of washington, including you folks into southern maryland. we have very dry air pushing in. that's keeping the snow away for a while but not until about mid morning to early afternoon. i updated things now in washington, the immediate area, especially southern suburbs. it's a very fluffy snow. we may be seeing five inches, but down towards fredericksburg and richmond, 9, 10, 11 inches of snow. southern maryland could be seeing some of that. it will be a very fluffy snow. there's a little more of a northerly track and some places still within the viewing area just a dusting. other areas will be looking at a foot of snow tomorrow. more of the details when i join you. >> thanks, bob. >>> a high school basketball coach ran out of jail tonight trying to avoid our camera. she is accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage student. the accusations against the coach at seneca valley high school in germantown led to her dismissal. darcy spencer is at the detention center with more. >> reporter: that volunteer coach was released from jail about an hour or
of the biggest sports figures in town, but these could call his future into washington into doubt. hakem dermish has gilbert's take. >> reporter: gilbert has communicated through twitter. that's where we get his response to this incident which is crazy. the wizards' season has been completely disappointing on the court. off the court, it's been bizarre. after seeing the published report this morning, gilbert arenas tweeted, "i wake up this morning and seen i was the new john wayne. lmao media is too funny." "i understand this is seriou if you ever met me you know i don't do serious things." "i'm a goof ball. this story don't sound goofy to me." pat collins asked teammates about what they know about the incident. >> ever seen any guns in the locker room? do you think these allegations will impact your play tomorrow night's game? >> we've got to focus on tomorrow. people are going to investigate, look into it and do their job. >> reporter: ever see guns in the locker room? >> never. >> reporter: do you think these allegations will affect your game plan tomorrow night? >> no. we believe in each oth
, nbc news, washington. >>> word came from the pentagon tonight that defense secretary robert gates will stay on for at least another year. the commitment is open-ended. gates is the lone holdover from the bush administration. >>> security video of the concern at newark airport this past weekend shows it was caused by an officer who left his post. then a man who wanted to give a woman one last good-bye kiss. the video shows the man seen in a tan coat slipped under a rope meant to keep unscreened people out of secured areas. he did that after the officer walked away. the man meets a woman in a white jacket and they walk away hand in hand. that incident shut down the airport for hours, and it delayed thousands of passengers. >>> the washington wizards appear to be distancing themselves from gilbert arenas as the scandal unfolds. arenas himself seems to finally be staying out of the public spotlight. craig melvin is the at verizon center with the latest. >> reporter: doreen, the symbolism here the at verizon today, bold and unmistakable. the organization distancing itself from its supe
coach. dan hellie is here with the latest details. >>> probably the worst-kept secret in washington, d.c. shanahan is the 11th skins' coach since dan snyder bought the team in1999. he gets a five-year contract worth $35 million. redskins scheduled a press conference to introduce shanahan tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. tonight shanahan took part in a celebratory dinner with his new boss. lyndsay czarniak was there with a chance to catch up with the new head coach. >> yes. mike shanahan right now is back at dan snyder's home where he is going to be staying for the second night in a row. they did have that celebratory dinner. they didt here at the palm restaurant at tysons corner. they went back to snyder's home where shanahan signed the contract just before arriving here at 7:20. this is a look inside the private dining room at the palm restaurant in tysons, where mike shanahan, his wife peggy, dan snyder, his wife, general manager and team advisors were in this corner room, toasting with champagne, laughing and celebrating. they left to head back to dan snyder's house in potomac. mike shan
: speculation about the burgundy and gold's future filled washington's airwaves. out with the old and in with who? radio host and former redskins linebacker levar arrington is cautionly optimistic about a mike shanahan coaching change. >> he wants things done his way. if he's able to come in here and do things his way, do they have an opportunity? i think they have a fair shot of being successful. >> reporter: fans also have a wait and see outlook. they say they're tired of having their hearts broken. >> is john elway coming back, too? if we can get elway, it will be great. >> we'll see. time will tell. mike shanahan has what i call a retread. i think the redskins are going to the abyss. >> reporter: this seemingly covert operation, the wheeling and dealing, in the end, some wonder if a new gm and coach will bring the big "w." based on his past experiences, arrington isn't so sure. >> to insinuate that they won't get micromanaged because they're not those type of guys might sound good, but we all know once you sign on the dotted line, you know the story. whoever decides to be the
of the washington area and it's expected to get heavier overnight and make for a miserable monday morning commute. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. >>> the roads are just wet right now but tomorrow morning could be an entirely differentory. some parts of the metro area have seen light showers while there's been no heavy rains yet. dopours are expected to move operate. there's a flash flood watch in effect. meteorologist chuck bell is standing by the news4 storm center with the latest on your wet monday forecast. >> it seems like we've been talking about waiting on the rain all day long and we're more waiting than looking but nonetheless, the heavy rain not far away with temperatures climbing as the winds continue to increase. our temperature has gone up nearly 10 degrees since 6:00 at night and we're now up into the mid 50s across the area. here's your life doppler and you can see light to at times welcome moderate rain showers moving through the northern sides of the capital beltway. the heavier steadier rains are in the shenandoah valley. the rain and wind will increase during the overnight house
brought together his family, the news4 family, washington sports world and others. it was a service at the national cathedral as a fitting good-bye. >> it was nice. it was a nice time. it's been a month since george michael passed away. his memory looms larger than life. a pioneer, a legend and mentor to many, including me, was remembered and honored at the national cathedral today. the crowd was chockful of hall of famers and friends. hundreds poured in to pay their respects and hear stories about george. some that have never been told and some that will never get old. it was everyone's day to remember the man we dubbed "the king." jim vance was perfect. joe gibbs, appropriate. george's daughter michelle, as touching a tribute as you'll ever hear. after, a pair of redskins' hall of famers told us what made him one of a kind. >> he could ask y the tough questions. he never felt like, to me, that he was trying to get me. he would say things to me like, you don't believe that, you know what i mean? i would get halfway mad and go, yes, i do. he had a great way of, i think, doing the to
, but bringingand guns into the work place, especially in washington, d.c. or anywhere really beings is unacceptable. you can't do it. you want your employees to feel safe. we are lucky something serious didn't come the out of it. i think the league has to send a strong message. we wanted to send a strong message also. >> reporter: this is far from over. we have to wait to find out what will happen when gilbert gets sentenced and then what will the organization do in terms of that long-term contract he has. we'll hear from david stern, as well. >>> one day after another accident on metro tracks. transit leaders are trying to figure out how to save money. metro board held a meeting tonight to hear from riders about service cuts and a potential fare hike. elaine reyes is at metro headquarters tonight. >> reporter: board members listened to a lot of concern and sometimes angry customers. they took it in and plan to vote on budget cuts tomorrow and will implement those changes in march. the reasons varied, but this drought had the same message for board members. >> these proposals laid before me are cho
to reach many of the places and the people. >>> here in washington, we are on the verge of big weather changes coming our way. tomorrow night things could get tricky around here. >> tomorrow night and friday morning we could have travel problems getting around the area because of the wintry type of precipitation we are expecting. already this evening, just south of the area had a little bit of light rain showers started mixing in with sleet, but no accumulation south. tomorrow though, a different story for thursday night and friday. our moisture will be coming up from the south. the national weather service issued a winter storm watch to the areas in blue. that is for thursday evening, friday afteoon. washington county, maryland, down south through warren county. rappahannock and abermarle where ice could be accumulating. >>> a 4-year-old child and three teenagers were identified among the victims of a mass killing in central virginia. christopher speight is responsible for the deaths of eight children. three killed were adults, three teenagers and one is a 4-year-old boy. they were al
them most. at the embassy of haiti in northwest washington, a call for donations for the victims of the earthquake produced overwhelming results. >> we had three lines deep on mass avenue going past k street almost up to the white house. and we're very humbled. >> bags and bags of clothing, as well as food, water and other supplies were piled the grounds of the embassy. there was more inside and trucks were brought in to haul away the items for temporary storage until they could be transported to port-au-prince. >> all floors were covered inside the embassy before you got here. had six large u-haul truckses. >> at the national cathedral, there was a service of prayer and music and a special collection. the money will go to an eepiscopal haitian relief fund providing food, water and medicine to those in need. >> remember the people of hafity. reach out to those who have lost loved ones. to those who still wt for news of the missing. >> several churches in the area are reaching out to help the people of haitind are comforting relatives. >> we're praying for them at every single ma
and the scuffles in the street continue. >>> here in the washington area, many people are still working hard to raise money for the recovery in haiti. in a few minutes, we'll have a report on an event tonight in which the ambassador from haiti spoke about the challenges ahead. >>> outside right now, temperatures are falling fast. they won't be rebounding tomorrow. bob is here with more on the frigid air and potential for snow around here. hi, bob. >> hi, doreen. as a matter of fact, our temperatures this afternoon were in the mid 50s. right now 28 degrees. that's not all. there are the areas under the winter storm watch for saturday, not tomorrow. it is to the south roughly from fredericksburg, spots vainia, stafford and charlottesville. look at the areas under the warnings. this is where i think the track of the storm will be. to our south. we are going to be on the fringe. temperatures looking out to our west into the teens. we'll be seeing very, very cold air continue to come in on us. for saturday, i think there could be several inches of snow. mainly to the south of washington. it will
. >> reporter: we're told ray was based at the marine corps bar rack in washington, d.c. baltimore police are continuing the investigation. they have persons of interest in custody and are hoping to make an arrest very soon. reporting live from rockville, darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you. >>> a flight that left dulles international airport headed to las vegas had to be diverted. a passenger tried to open one of the plane doors midair. united flight 223 landed safely in denver, colorado. police and the fbi escorted the man off the plane. police are interviewing him right now. he could face federal charges. the man's name was not released but we talked to a man from this area who was on that plane. he told us he and another passenger helped wrestle the guy to the ground. also tonight, we are learning more details of an attempted bombing of a flight on christmas day. as the suspect was being led away he admitted trying to blow up the plane and claimed there was a second bomb onboard. he was not read his rights for ten hours and clammed up. some lawmakers say he should have been in the cus
looks cold and windy. so you know outside right now it is a very frigid night here in washington. and all across virginia, maryland, up and down the african-american seaboard it's pretty much cold every where east of the rockies. temperatures for a high didn't even make the freezing mark. 28 in washington after a 16-degree start this morning, our coldest morning since the first week of march. currently, 24 and wind chill of 10 and peak wind gusts at 46 miles an hour both yesterday and today. exceptionally windy weather across the mid-atlantic and up and down the eastern seaboard and current temperatures are already on their way down to the low and mid 20s. single digit wind chills out there early this evening. those will still be out there first thing tomorrow morning so the weather service issued a wind chill advisory from the western suburbs to the shenandoah valley and off to the west of the west virginia panhandle and portions of western maryland and the wind chill values will be in the single digits above zero. snowfall? a little light snow, especially far northern maryland
temperature here in washington, 31 degrees. meanwhile, it's been mild out west. there were som records set in the state of washington. there's that overall pattern we've had so much of with the cold air coming in, but as we get later into the week, that will begin to recede to the north, at least the overall jet pattern, here we are in washington, there are the laboring snow flurries for you folks around calbert county into charles county. a little bit of excitement, but that's all it is out to the west. there have been a few more, and still some out of the mountains in west virginia. reports from bob lefler of 50 to 60 inches of snow on the ground in the mountains of west virginia. overnight tonight we'll continue to see that cold air coming in with northwest early winds. later on in the week, high pressure begins to come in, this time if will be moving a little to our south, so eventually we'll see the winds turning into the west, and milder air coming in. not tomorrow, though. temperatures in the mid-30s for highs. maybe a lingering flurry west to northwest. 25 degrees, a bit of a windc
dahlgren, nbc news, miami. >>> people in the washington area with friends a relatives in haiti got together at the haitian embassy tonight. some learned today loved ones had been killed. others still cannot find out about their parents or brothers and sisters. craig melvin is at the embass kri with more on this. >> reporter: tonight's candlelight vigil was an opportunity for people to get together and mourn and remember, as well. the ambassador stopped in to tell the crowd they set up temporary towers in that country so the folks here could be able to find out something. tonight, so many said they want to know something. ♪ >> reporter: songs, flames and prayers fill the sky. >> in the midst of tragedy, we ask you show your love, your grace, your mercy. >> too many tragedies we lost a lot of people. >> reporter: it seems like everyone here knew someone who is gone. >> it feels like it's not real. it feels like it's not really happening. >> reporter: tracy got a call around 3:00 wednesday afternoon. >> my sister and niece are dead. >> reporter: her sister was picking up the 4-year-old from
, strawberries all the things we like to eat in the wintertime in trouble for certain. outside in the washington are, it's also cold. ironically, it's not that much colder than it is all the way down in florida. there's a look at the lincoln memorial under clear skies. it is cd out there. 32 was our high today after a 19-degree start this morning. current temperature 24. a light wind at nine miles per hour. windchill 14 degrees. january running six degrees colder than average. low temps this morning, records all the way down the florida peninsula. miami beach, 35 degrees this morning. so very cold indeed. high temperatures this afternoon, yeah, 48 for a high down in south beach. high temperature departure from average, almost 30 degrees colder than average down in the sunshine state. current temperatures already down below freezing as far as south as jacksonville. orlando in danger of setting another record low temperature tomorrow morning. the record low for tomorrow 28 degrees was set january 11th, 1982. i looked in our record books here, january 11th 1982, our temperatures also a record low.
coach of the washington redskins. you take a look at history. take a look at the hall of fame, the great coaches, the great players. what on honor to be the head coach of this franchise. very, very special place. super bowls, world championships. a franchise that has a great history. >> he exudes leadership. he is someone that is a real leader of men. for our franchise with his discipline and understanding of the game, it's perfect. >> that is dan snyder. he has taken a step away from the football operation. shanahan the ultimate decision maker as long as he is in washington. >> does he know what the colors are. >> no maroon and black. >>> a man accused of killing a security officer at the holocaust museum last june died in prison today. james von brunn will never face the victim's relative. that is something stephen johns's mother talked about tonight. >> reporter: james von brunn died 1:00 this afternoon, no cause of death given. 89-year-old james von brunn had been in a prison hospital for months recovering from the gun shot wound that haltest last june's rampage at e holocaust museum
over the washington area mark the one-week anniversary of that earthquake tonight, while some rescuers from our area in haiti work at this hour to tree more of the victims. darcy spencer is at the hags embassy with more. >> reporter: hi, jim. earlier at the haitian embassy there was a moment of silence to remember the victim of the earthquake. there is growing concern the aid is not reaching the people who desperately need it. >> let's have a moment of silence for those who lost their lives. >> reporter: at 4:53 in the afternoon there was a moment of silence, the exact time a deadly 7.0 earthquake shook the nation one week ago taking tens of thousands of lives. >> i don't know what happened to europe after world war ii. europe was completely destroyed, but haiti, that was 35 seconds. >> reporter: for sox it was a reminder thousands of people have gone seven days without food or water. >> if we can figure out how to coordinate our helicopter, the u.n., usaid, peoe are going to die just because. >> reporter: at george washington university, the caribbean student association marked the da
tonight. for us in washington before the same northwesterly winds, snows continue out of the mountains in west virginia. a blustery weekend coming up. there is a change to the pattern finally. i'll join you in a few minutes. >>> a lot of people staying inside because it's so cold out there. those outside are moving inside quickly. >> reporte people who are out and about tonight are experiencing what is best described as bone-chilling cold. it was a tough night to be outside. freezinginds whipped through georgia avenue in silver springs. >> freezing. >> it's really cold. the wind doesn't help at all. >> it's freezing. i know it's getting lower and lower. >> reporter: for the homeless it was a night that held more danger than usual. some still avoided going to shelters. at dupont circle, people walked quickly trying to work up body heat. even man's best friend was treated to an extra layer of warmth. for most people, the choice of what to wear was a question of what do i own that will keep me from freezing? >> i'm wearing 14 layers right now. every inch needs to be covered. >> got to hav
in service for the near future. >>> we now know when washington's favorite panda cub will be sent to china. tae-shon will leave next thursday. his departure is part of an agreement with china. he was born re. he will travel by fedex along with a 2-year-old female panda from the atlanta zoo. tae-shon has been one of the most popular attractions at the zoo since his birth. we're going to miss him. >> he's going to have two days of bamboo in the fedex package. >> he's getting used to that washington bamboo. >> we've gotten used to him too. >>> what a january we've had. usually we're showing you pictures of snow. this is hail. sandy, sent this in from annapolis, we had a batch of showers, the tail end of the storm come in late this afternoon. not only hail, we have rainshowers, this is from lee in lubbitzville. it will be minor to moderate around harpers ferry, as the heavy rains come down the potomac, when you're heading home over the bridges -- you'll see the potomac pretty high. we made it up to 68 degrees. get ready, it's coming our way again, the cold stuff, we're still at 46. but teams o
. >> the embassy of haiti in northwest washington became a place of solitude and reflection. dozens of people came to remember those lost during last week's earthquake, and pray that the missing would be found alive. >> tonight we're all haitians and this tragedy doesn't have any face to it, everyone is affected -- >> there's home -- so when something happens like this at home, it takes a huge impact for me, not just myself, my family and my surroundings. >> reporter: ann russell used to work at the united nations in haiti. she just learned a good friend died in the u.n. building. >> we're here honoring her, in memory of all the u.n. workers who were -- really put their lives on the line this time. >> my family was in haiti when the earthquake hit, and my sister got caught in it. she didn't die, but her leg was broken. >> reporter: people continue to give their time and treasure to help the people who lost what little they had. a drive at the embassy produced tons. >> i'm terrified of what i'm going to encounter. >> reporter: this woman prepares to go to haiti, she's never delivered care in a disa
house officials. "the washington post" reports the president will eliminate bonuses for political appointees. the president is expected to announce the move in tomorrow night's state of the union address. last year he froze salaries of white house aides making more than $100,000 a year. officials say the real impact of the pay freeze is minimal, but serves as a symbolic gesture to the public. >>> the president is also expected to outline a bioterrorism defense plan tomorrow night. an attack using college biological or chemical or nuclear weapon mays come in the next years. that's giving the obama administration a failing grade being ready for the attack. the president wapts to make sure remedies would be widely available in a public health emergency. >>> it's been two weeks and rescue teams are defying odds and ctinuing to find earthquake survivors who were trapped in haiti. earlier today, u.s. soldiers pulled a man from a collapsed building. yesterday, a 14-year-old girl was rescued from what's left of her house. crews say the girl was saved by her bed when the roof and walls col
of the earthquake there. >>> washington wizards' stargill berth aron yas was charged with felony gun possession today. a charge that can carry prison time. "the washington post" reports arenas made a plea deal with prosecutors. tomorrow arenas will appear at d.c. superior court. jackie benson is there with the latest. >> reporter: a plea deal was not unexpected at this point. as you said, gilbert arenas scheduled to appear in court at d.c. superior court tomorrow. this court document shows the felony gun charge against gilbert arenas. the crime carrying a pistol without a license. one defense attorney believes a plea deal was inevitable. >> i think that gill wertbert a will be made to pay a fine, given a suspended sentence and put object probation. >> reporter: a spokesman said he could not comment on a plea deal. december 21st, aron yas allegedly laid out four gun once a chair in the wizards' locker room with a note for christenton. the wizards' team said the team contacted authorities and the nba good guns january 4th arenas met with prosecutors. then he gave a sign as if he was carrying a gu
returned to the washington area and we have changes coming in our direction for tomorrow. the rainfall which has been missing in the month of january is on its way back. here we go. outside right now, our high temperature today 52 after a 31-degree start. our temperature up to 42 degrees where the wind has gone calm. january rainfall 0.03 inches. that is 1.7 inches below average. we could use a little rain. that is good news. a little rain is exactly what we have on the way. high temperatures on the east coast, 52 here, 81 in miami beach. last weekend highs in the 40s. not today. they are still 74 there. not any real cold stuff in the eastern part of the united states that is good news. the next weather system will be 99% rain. you folks athrong mason-dixon line around southern pennsylvania and the mountains of west virginia may get freezing rain, but on the whole, most of it is going to be rain. all of it around the washington area will be rainfall. a soggy sunday on the way. here is a check of doppler radar. there is this large area of rain into the deep south. heavy rain across tenn
celebrities answered phones. >>> here in washington, the kennedy center and haitian embassy jointly presented a free musical concert to raise money for relief efforts in haiti. performers donated their talents. in alexandria, it cost a pair of shoes to get into the basketball game tonight. the schools and money will be sent to a sister school in haiti. >>> britain raises its terror alert level. >> heavy rains and mudslides causing dangerous conditions out west. >> and a dog stranded i high water. >> a look inside conan's final "tonight show." >> how about a look inside our weather? >> it's going to be around 50/50 weekend. we've got partly cloudy skies. drying out. dan, what you've got? >> redskins making more changes to their coaching staff. we are talking playoffs. been held under 20. including the other >>> president obama focused on creating jobs at a campaign-style rally in ohio today. he talked about a new tax on banks. he said he would not walk away from health care reform because it's hard and they hurt his popularity. >> i understand why after the massachusetts election people in was
chill. it is a cold start. outside clear sky over washington and the temperatures, oh, they are a tumbling now after a high of only 30 degrees earlier this afternoon. our low is the current temperature, dropping to 20 degrees, 20 at national airport. a norwest wind to 20 miles an hour. lowered our current windchill to eight degrees. a bone chilling night. already in the mid to high teens. martinsburg, west virginia, down to 16 degrees now. 20 in quantico. zero the windchill in winchester, one degrees at dulles airport, one degrees at prince george's county, the inner harbor. single digits above and below zero. a few lingering snow showers across western pennsylvania and the mountains of central west virginia. no snow flurries for tonight or tomorrow. the next chance of a flurry is on monday, monday afternoon. current windchills minus 4 in cincinnati, minus 15 in chicago. the heart of the cold air is continuing to blow in on a strong northwesterly wind, a deepening area of low pressure moving from new england. high arctic pressure is dropping out of canada, keeping a ve
.m. to 5:00 p.m. saturday and sunday at the washington convention center. the admission is free. >>> every year folks come through there. it's good. >> there are ambulance withes taking people away because they find things they didn't know about. >> good weather to get out and about. do a little walking. it will be mild for a change. >> great news. >> it will feel like the middle of january. our average high, 42 degrees. we'll finally get there. outside now, it is anoth chilly night with our temperature 30 degrees, below average. the last time we've been 40 degrees, january 1st. look at the morning low temperatures. gainesville this morning record low 20 degrees. jacksonville 23. this morning. >> miami 43 this morning. it finally did make it up to the 60s. look at the high temperatures around the country. great falls, montana, 56 degrees. there is where some of the mild air is. yesterday there were records set in the pacific northwest. denver today, 15 degrees above average. there is mild air beginning to move across the country. with a change in the pattern average day after day, week aft
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